1:25.27 Racemaster (URANUS, Normal)
1:21.99 Racemaster (LOGRES, Normal)
1:51.99 Racemaster (GIZA, Normal)
1:06.43 Racemaster (MERCURY, Normal)
1:44.40 Racemaster (JUPITER, Normal)
1:12.77 Racemaster (COBERNIC, Normal)
0:49.43 Racemaster (AVALON, Normal)
1:10.92 Racemaster (SATURN, Normal)
1:04.41 Racemaster (RIGOMER, Normal)
1:54.40 pipapo (MARS, Easy)

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  • ALL OUT RACE 2: PI (2011)

Pi is based on an original game concept because it is both a 3D racing arcade game, a platform game, a puzzle game and a first-person shooting game in one for Windows XP/Vista/Seven. And the player can go through eras such as ancient Egypt, medieval and sci-fi worlds to unlock the mysteries of the Pi number.

  • A racing arcade game: you pilot your vehicle against the clock through a 3D tube and around various obstacles in 360 degrees to collect all the gems and complete the level.

  • A platform game: you will have to jump and drive smarter on static and moving platforms to reach some inaccessible gems

  • A puzzle game: some obstacles are more difficult than others because you must first understand the puzzle and then find out how to solve it

  • A first-person shooting game: Pi is not just a retro game, it is also a real-time 3D game developed in C++/DirectX. So enjoy your 3D card!...

All registered users will be able to upload their best times with ghosts and participate to online ranking of 50 best scores for each level and difficulty. Be the fastest pilot on the web!... The registration is now FREE!

In other words, this game proves a worthy challenge for newbie and hardcore gamers. Pi will not let you feel free!...


  • Original game concept
  • 3 exciting worlds: Ancient Egypt, Medieval and Sci-Fi
  • 20 levels to succeed: 12 classic levels and 8 racing levels
  • One more level for the Boss
  • 3 difficulty modes
  • Record your best times
  • Online Hi-Scores with a ghost mode
  • Original instrumental metal tracks
  • Add your own music files
  • Keyboard and Joystick supported
  • Force Feedback supported for Xbox 360 Controller
  • Shader Model v3.0 (DirectX 9)
  • Max Resolution: 1920 x 1080

How to get it?




Curriculum Vitae:

This game was made with DirectX9 in C++ only. I did not use any 3D engines because I wrote my own engine since 2004. So I did everything from scratch:
  • Game Concept
  • Rendering
  • Physics & Collisions
  • Shaders 3 (HLSL)
  • Game & Level Design
  • Sound Design
  • Input & Network
  • Menu with Photoshop
  • Php & mySQL
  • and more...

Thanks to:

I would like to thank people who helped me to improve the gameplay and FX: MoDDiB, LittleWhite, mick605, Anko and other guys.

  • ALL OUT RACE (2004)
The first version is available here:

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